I am
A sister, mother, daughter, wife
Thanks to my roots
And the branches that gave me fruits
I have been sucking a sweet nutritious nectar from the one who birthed me
The rand has not been a factor
The air I breathed has had a toxic mix
But through her my blood has served as ventilators
And cleared the darkness

I am
A woman
Thanks to my sisters
And the unending love that gave me truths In a time of pretence, back stabbing and lies
I have learned to have faith through ties
That help heal the soul when deception flies To cries that eventually die

I am
A river
Flowing through streams
Like red running through our veins
Thanks to these women
Who have raised me up when I needed a lift
Not because I asked! Because they felt
Prayed with me and for me Giving without seeking Living with community
Ploughing afield to enrich and fertilise the soil

I am
Now able to flap my wings like a butterfly
Sprinkle pure moisture on the new plants
So they too bloom and brighten Killing the gloom and doom
Spreading their beauty
So they too can hold a hand and touch a heart

I am because We are
We are